Julie lives in Saskatchewan, Canada with her family: three two-legged and six four-legged souls. There is never a dull moment!

Hi, thanks for stopping by! My name is Julie and I’m excited to welcome you to Wanderings! Wanderings is about just that. After being knocked off my feet by COVID in December of 2020,  I  decided that 9 to 5 was just not doing it for me anymore. So, with my family’s support, I quit the job I had been dedicating my life to for the last 20 plus years, and ventured out to see where the path would take me. There have already been a few curves, detours and stops. There is no map, so I just forge ahead and see where the road takes me. Wandering along. Cliché? You bet!

In all honesty, I did a bit of research about this stage of life called retirement, but I couldn’t find much except financial advice. Not at all what I was interested in, although I admit I really should be as money has always burned a hole in my pocket. I decided I would have to find things out for myself, so why not share those discoveries with others who are on that same journey? This website will not tell you how to invest your RRSPs. It will not tell you which stocks to sink your hard earned dollars into. Hopefully it will give you some food for thought, some “aha” moments and a few ideas of how to fill your time. Happy wandering!


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