At Wanderings Art, inspiration is taken from colour, especially the colours of nature and the changing seasons. And since Wanderings is based in Saskatchewan, Canada, there is always an array of colour as seasons change every few months…sometimes weeks!

Alcohol inks create rich and vibrant colours and because of the ink’s fluidity, the colours are always evolving and blending into one-of-a-kind hues. This means that every piece is unique.

Currently, Wanderings Art focuses on alcohol ink using a variety of canvass such as ceramic plates, bowls, tiles and yupo/photo paper. Wanderings also works with natural dyes which produce a vast spectrum of gorgeous colours, enhancing several materials such as silk, cotton and paper.

What makes alcohol ink different than regular ink? Alcohol ink is chemical-based and becomes part of the surface to which it is applied. It is very fluid and spreads on its own or with the help of a 91% isopropyl alcohol as dries quickly. This is the opposite of non-alcohol inks which are made from pigments and lay on top of the surface, forming a coating. Alcohol ink can be very therapeutic to work with as it requires a lot of patience and mindfulness. The ink will go where it wants to go so is quite suited to abstract work. Wanderings Art preserves all work with spray sealer and varnish. Pieces are not dishwasher or microwave safe and should not be used for food, unless it is something that is wrapped to prevent spillage onto the alcohol ink surface. The pieces should be considered more decorative.

Mother Earth offers many gifts that can be used as natural dyes. Wanderings Art uses mostly elements found in the back yard (or pantry), although some are sourced from afar. Chokecherry, marigold, beet, avocado, black bean, tea and coffee blend beautifully with madder, sumac, log wood, black walnut, henna and cochineal. When first treated with a mordant and then either placed in a dye bath or steamed, silk, cotton and certain weights of paper are transformed. Foliage transferred to fabric or paper creates a unique style. The paper makes a very inspiring journal or notebook, all of which are hand bound and feature handmade covers.

Wanderings Art . . .creativity without limits. What will be next?

Wanderings Art is available at several locations:

In store:
SaskMade Marketplace

1621 8th Street E.
Saskatoon, Sask.


Little Manitou Art Gallery
204 Elizabeth Ave.
Manitou Beach, Sask.


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