Finding Passion Through Dance

Since I left my job and redirected my time and energy, I’ve been thinking a lot about finding passion and living authentically. I’ve met people who have discovered what nourishes them, and I’ve met those who are searching. It’s about being true to yourself. In the last couple of years, more and more people haveContinue reading “Finding Passion Through Dance”

Returning to Work

Unretirement: to leave retirement: rejoin the workforce. (Merriam-Webster) Although the word “unretire” was first used in 1948, it has recently gained popularity and has become somewhat of a buzzword. The reason? Well, more and more baby boomer retirees are returning to work. Simple. I am one of those people. Yes, after 16 months of retirement,Continue reading “Returning to Work”

Friends for (Health) Life

Which ship has two mates but no captain? Answer: friendship. And speaking of ships, my oldest daughter, whose birthday just happens to be today, so Happy Birthday, Dalena!, recently moved to another city and asked if she could hold her annual Murder Mystery birthday party at home so that her friends could come. The themeContinue reading “Friends for (Health) Life”

Seek and You Shall Find. . .Or Not!

On the topic of hobbies, I’ve mentioned geocaching in previous blogs but never really got into it. No time like the present. I’m hearing you say, “What the heck is geocaching?” Well, it’s basically a big treasure hunt using coordinates from a website or app to find hidden caches. You will find geocaching in atContinue reading “Seek and You Shall Find. . .Or Not!”

Stop and Smell the Roses

Stop and Smell the Roses Wow, I haven’t thought about Mac Davis in decades! Do you remember him? I came upon a couple of his videos while looking into material for this blog, and it sure opened a floodgate of memories. Mac Davis was an American country pop singer-songwriter. He released Stop and Smell theContinue reading “Stop and Smell the Roses”

Exercise Your Brain (What did I come in here for?)

I’m sure you have, at some point, walked into a room and completely forgotten what you were doing. Or you forget what you are talking about in mid-sentence. It happens. It is frustrating, but it is normal. Some people blame this phenomenon on aging. I think aging has something to do with it, but IContinue reading “Exercise Your Brain (What did I come in here for?)”